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Personalized Bedtime Stories

Your Child is the Star of The Story

Let your child become the hero of their own bedtime adventure, choosing unique characters and professions that make the story uniquely theirs.

Why SnoozeSaga?

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Our Amazing Features

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Personalized Story Adventures

Explore personalized bedtime stories crafted by AI to match your child's interests. Each night is a new, tailored adventure, making bedtime delightful and inspiring a love for storytelling.

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Mindful Relaxation Techniques

Bedtime becomes a tranquil experience with our app's guided meditation and relaxation exercises. Designed for young minds, these techniques ensure a peaceful and deep sleep.

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Interactive and Engaging

Our app makes bedtime interactive and educational. Children choose story paths and participate in calming activities, blending fun with cognitive and emotional development.

Listen to a Saga

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Don't take our word for it. Listen to the quality of our work with text to speech to make it as close to human as possible in a clam and relaxing tone for your child.

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Flexible Pricing

Our Pricing Plan


- 10 Generated Saga's per month



- 20 Generated Saga's per month



- 30 Generated Saga's per month


Frequently Asked questions

For any more questions or detailed information, feel free to reach out to our customer support.